Chandigarh Design School trains Thapar University students in Creative Thinking

Chandigarh Design School trained a select group of Thapar University Engineering students in Creative Thinking for Professional Success.

Vineet Raj Kapoor (Indian IDT Lead Expert Worldskills, and Founder SXILL and Chandigarh Design School) shared “Training students from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology also popularly known as Thapar University was a wonderful opportunity. We trained them in various approaches to Design Thinking, and especially sensitized and trained them the toughest field of empathetic thinking, since that is what most UX Designers in India lack. Being a practitioner and trainer of UX Design and Design Thinking since 2014, I was aware of the huge gap between theory and practice that exists in India even in the top institutes. So we focused on problem finding right from the start, and also about developing personas, and taking it from there to concept design, while passing through various phases like user journey mapping and other steps.” He quipped, “Don’t worry all this would be part of my upcoming book – SOLVXD: Think in Steps – that would be coming out soon.

Achyut Sidhant, a 2nd Year COE engineering student who attended the course, stated that, “He is now equipped to take part in Hackathons. He felt excited in every class and learnt new things everytime. I was super excited at all stages of this course.”

Manan Jain, a student from 2nd Year Electronics Engineering, “The course was fun, and it brought me out of my comfort zone and made me think.”

Reet Mahajan, a first year engineering student thanked Chandigarh Design School and CTD Department at Thapar said, “This course helped me look at solutions in a new way. The best thing was that we learnt that every problem can be solved. And that’s what made this course very special.”

Neelu Kapoor (Indiaskills Graphic Design Technology Jury) and Founder SXILL mentioned, “This was the first time Chandigarh Design School tendered a semester long Creative Thinking for Professional Success course, and we are quite excited by the quality of the assignments by the talented students of Thapar. Before this we had tendered Faculty Development Program at Chitkara, which was also highly appreciated by the CSE Faculty who were part of the FDP.”

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