Professional Certificate in UI Design

Learn the principles, techniques and craft of designing high-quality user interfaces through our UI design course.

What you will learn

UI Design


14 weeks


5 Days per week

(Daily Classes)


Offline, Online

Become a Certified UI designer

  • Learn how to create beautiful, pixel-perfect user interfaces

  • Accelerate your career with an in-demand skillset

  • Get a professional qualification in just 12 weeks

Why get certified in UI Design?

Work in a Creative, Rewarding job

UI designers add personality and visual appeal to user interfaces. It’s an enjoyable career that rewards creativity: the perfect entry into tech for visually-minded people.

Design with Confidence

You’ll understand the ‘why’ of good UI design by knowing the principles behind it. You’ll be able to defend your decisions and design with confidence.

Expand your Career Options

UI skills are needed worldwide, and demand is growing. With a globally recognized UI design course, you’ll become a more valuable, sought-after professional.

Who this course is for

This UI design course is suited to anybody interested in designing beautiful interfaces for digital products.

  • Graphic designers and digital designers who want to upskill to UI design

  • UI designers who want to strengthen their knowledge and craft

  • UX professionals who want to become more rounded product designers

  • Anybody with a design background looking for a creative job in tech

A flexible, Industry-backed Curriculum

Our curriculum is credit-based and approved by the industry. Over 12 weeks, you’ll learn the principles and skills you need to become a confident UI designer.

Module 1

Introduction to UI Design

Understand the role of the UI Designer and why good UI matters.

Module 2

Brand and Personality

Discover how to infuse a Brand’s Personality into any design.

Module 3


Acquire the Fundamentals of Layout: Grids, Alignment and Space.

Module 4

Design Principles

Guide users through your Interface using the Principles of Design.

Module 5


Explore the various components that make a Design Interactive.

Module 3


Understand the Importance and Power of Typography in Design.

Module 7

Colour, Shapes and Effects

Discover the role of Colour, Shapes and Effects in UI Design.

Module 8

Iconography and Imagery

Identify how to use Icons, Illustrations and Images to maximum effect.

Module 9

Design Process

Learn how an Interface goes from Sketches to a polished Interface.

Module 10

Presenting Designs

Learn how to prepare Designs for Presentation and Handover.


Project and Portfolio

Develop your UI Portfolio through a series of step-by-step activities.


UI Design Tools

Work on your designs using Industry Tools: Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch.

Support at Every Step

From day one, you’ll be part of a lively community of Industry Experts, Design Mentors and fellow students that support each other along the way.

Be Mentored by India's leading Experts

Vineet Raj Kapoor

India’s IDT Expert for Worldskills

Neelu Kapoor

India’s Graphic Design Technology Jury for Indiaskills

Bikramjit Singh

India’s Graphic Design Technology Jury for Indiaskills

Course Mentor

Jasjeet Singh, your course mentor is an expert UX designer who bring years of practical insight.

Student Community

Collaborate, share tips and build connections on our lively student groups

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