Chandigarh Design School trains Thapar University Faculty in Design Thinking

Chandigarh Design School trained a select group of Thapar University Faculty in Design Thinking and Innovation.

Vineet Raj Kapoor (IDT Lead Expert Worldskills representing India, and Founder SXILL and Chandigarh Design School) shared “Training Faculty from Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology also popularly known as Thapar University was a wonderful opportunity.

We took care to equip them with enough examples and cases so as to be able to retain the information and put it in perspective since Design Thinking is a complex subject and is largely misrepresented. We trained them in various approaches to Design Thinking, and especially sensitized and trained them in the toughest field of empathetic thinking, since that is what most UX Designers in India lack. Being a practitioner and trainer of UX Design and Design Thinking since 2014, I feel responsible for the state of UIUX Design in India. Despite our best efforts, a large swathe of Industry as well as trainers are unaware of the possibilities of UX Design and think about it as a burden. We are doing our best to rectify the situation by giving great manpower to the starved Software Industry in India.” He quipped, “Don’t worry all this would be part of my upcoming book – SOLVXD: Think in Steps – that would be coming out soon.

Neelu Kapoor (Indiaskills Graphic Design Technology Jury) and Founder SXILL mentioned, “This was the first time Chandigarh Design School tendered a Faculty Development Program at Thapar. Earlier we have done programs for Pune University, Chitkara University, GNDU, Panjab University among others. We are also doing international Programs in Design Thinking with leading institutions abroad. We are aware that training a faculty is much more important as it can directly impact the lives of 100s of students.”

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