Chandigarh Design School Launches Design Bootcamp for Students and Professionals

World-class Design Education now available at Chandigarh. Summer Bootcamps for Students and Professionals

Chandigarh Design School, one of the best design institute in India (India’s only recognized NSDC certification provider in UIUX Design) has taken a bold initiative to bring Design Education to North India. It has come up with a 2 week Summer Camp and a 4 week UIUX Bootcamp for the students, professionals and entrepreneurs. The bootcamp starts from 3 June 2024. These bootcamp are truly useful for freshers wanting a look in into the field, as well as professionals wanting a refresher. For advanced learners, Chandigarh Design School (powered by SXILL) offers a complete course in UIUX Design. It starts with an NSDC/ MESC Certified one semester program in Graphic Design. This is followed by an NSDC/ NASSCOM Certified two semester program in UI & UX Design. Post this there is an Upskilling Program offered for creating a great portfolio as well as the possibility of taking it up into a STARTUP.

In these Bootcamps, the focus would be to understand the complete international acceptable practice, process and techniques of brainstorming, ideation, and design. Also the focus would be on the pitfalls that stop India from becoming an Innovation (Innovation Nation)! The bootcamps would be mentored by India’s Industrial Design Technology Expert for Worldskills, Vineet Raj Kapoor along with other Experts.

Vineet Raj Kapoor (IDT Lead Expert Worldskills representing India, and Founder SXILL and Chandigarh Design School) shared “UX Design is a largely misunderstood domain, and many fly by night online 2-3 month trainings offering expertise have cropped up overnight targeting the naïve users, who usually fall into the trap just because it feels convenient, but in the end are left without any portfolio and knowledge. The core expertise lies in the ability to find the problem that needs to be solved. Being a practitioner and trainer of UX Design and Design Thinking since 2014, I feel responsible for the state of UIUX Design in India. Despite our best efforts, a large swathe of Industry as well as trainers are unaware of the possibilities of UX Design and think about it as a burden. We are doing our best to rectify the situation by giving great manpower to the starved Software Industry in India.” He quipped, “Don’t worry all this would be part of my upcoming book – SOLVXD: Think in Steps – that would be coming out soon.

Neelu Kapoor (Indiaskills Graphic Design Technology Jury) and Founder SXILL mentioned, “After offering our Expertise to Faculty and Students at leading Colleges like Thapar University, DY Patil, PEC, Chitkara, Panjab University, GNDU etc we have now opened the same to the students of all institutions. We also have trained students from NID, MIT and other institutions for Government Skill Councils and Missions, under Skill India. We are also doing Programs in Design Thinking with leading International institutions abroad.”

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