Go48 Rules& Regulations

    1. All participants shall submit their original work based on the GO48 brief only.
    2. The submission entries should not carry any text written and symbol watermark with any copyright content.
    3. The entries shall be used by the GO48 Organizers, Associates & Sponsors Go48 Rules& Regulations
      for publication and will have mutual open rights to publish in various mediums.
    4. By submitting your entry, you and your team declare the following: I/We declare that this design submission represents my/our own ideas and solution/s. If other’s idea or work has been included, I/We have adequately cited, referenced and acknowledged the original source.
    5. Participants should constantly refer to this official website GO48.in for any changes related to rules, schedule and participation details.
    6. The entries should include the GO48 logo as a part of the final submission. The logo and other required files can be downloaded from the following path:

Click Here:  www.go48.in   GO48 Documents

  1. You shall email the submission at go48challenge@gmail.com
  2. The entry may be uploaded to your instagram, facebook or linkedin account and be tagged with our instagram (instagram.com/go48challenge) facebook (facebook.com/sxill) or linkedin account (linkedin.com/company/10576967/)
  3. There are prizes for 48 minute solo events (Huion Tablets) that are subject to the delivery norms of the country of the contestant. For the 48 hour competitions that allow both solo and teams we shall be issuing an impressive certificate and acknowledging the team members on the website.
  4. We shall also mention all participants at our social handles and tag them to bring industry attention to them and their work. Participants would be required to share their instagram/ linkedin/ facebook handles for this. We shall also acknowledge the winners on our partner websites as far as possible. We would also be happy to share the names of the mentor where mentioned.
  5. We hope that this participation may open doors to new opportunities for each of the participants.
  6. The decision of the Jury shall be final and binding on all participants and not subject to scrutiny of any outsider.
  7. The daily schedule shall be shared at this link and the participants should log into zoom link provided on the website for instructions. The instructions shall also be uploaded at the respective event page at go48.in


Go48 Challenge is open to all, students, graduates, and young designers from around the world. You may work as individuals Go48 Rules& Regulations work as collaborative groups. You are encouraged to follow a design process in solving the problem, as well as seek guidance from faculty members and professionals.

Go48 Challenge is an online competition. It is open to all participants from around the world.

Fill the Online Registration Form

  1. Select one or more Competition Category
  2. Register as individual or group participants ( maximum # 5 )
  3. Brief will be explained in 10 minutes.
  4. Understand the Brief, Theme, Instructions & the deadlines of either 48 minutes or 48 hours
  5. Participate with passion, sincerity and follow the design process.
  6. Submit your entry before or on the deadline.
  7. For Submission, additional 10 minutes will be allowed to 48 minutes & 30 minutes will be given to 48 hours

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