NSDC Certified Course in UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design course is the benchmark for industry standards.

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NSDC Approved UIUX Course

What you will learn

UI/UX Design


8 months


Daily Classes


Offline, Online


A qualification recognised by employers everywhere

Employers and hiring managers value the high standards of a NSDC certified UI/UX design course.

  • Stand out with a real, recognised qualification

    Not a lightweight bootcamp ‘certificate’.

  • Learn an in-demand skill

    UI/UX Design is one of the top in demand skills globally.

  • Prove you’re serious with a genuine education

    Created by Government. Validated by experts. Certified by university.

  • Build your portfolio (and ace your job interviews)

    With a true, deep understanding of UI/UX design.

Your gateway to the industry

Start building your professional network and your connections with the UX industry.

Course mentors

Your dedicated course mentor is an expert practitioner who brings years of insight from working in UX.

Design with confidence

You’ll understand the ‘why’ of good UI design by knowing the principles behind it. You’ll be able to defend your decisions and design with confidence.

Expand your career options

UI skills are needed worldwide, and demand is growing. With a globally recognized UI design course, you’ll become a more valuable, sought-after professional.

Who this course is for

This UX design course is suited to anybody interested in problem solving

  • Graphic designers and digital designers who want to upskill to UI design

  • UI designers who want to strengthen their knowledge and craft

  • UX professionals who want to become more rounded product designers

  • Anybody with a design background looking for a creative job in tech

Learning Pathways

Our course has multiple learning paths (user journeys) depending on the user and their needs and situation (we practice UX in our course – just what we teach you)

Fresher/ Raw User

Artist/ BFA


Graphic Designer

Industry Leader/ Project Manager/ Innovator

UX Fresher

Graphic Design

UX Design

UI Design

Capstone Project

Fresher/ Raw User

Artist/ BFA


Graphic Designer

Industry Leader/ Project Manager/ Innovator

UX Fresher

*This is just for suggestion. The above is just suggested combination, the students are encouraged to pick their
own combination based on their  interest, aptitude, capability and aptitude

Be Mentored by India's leading Experts
World Skills expert guidance for UIUX

Vineet Raj Kapoor

India’s IDT Expert for Worldskills

Expert mentoring for UIUX by India Skills Jury

Neelu Kapoor

India’s Graphic Design Technology Jury for Indiaskills

india-skills_expert guidance for UIUX

Bikramjit Singh

India’s Graphic Design Technology Jury for Indiaskills

Support at Every Step

From day one, you’ll be part of a lively community of Industry Experts, Design Mentors and fellow students that support each other along the way.

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